Bones Electronics Co., Ltd

Company description:

Bones Electronics Co., Ltd is ISO9001:2008 listed manufacturer and exporter of LED lighting products, Christmas lighting products,plastic optical fiber(POF),POF connectors,POF patch cords, POF car MOST cables and fiber optic lighting products such as side glow fiber optic,end glow fiber optic,solid core fiber optic,fiber optic lighting kits,LED light engines,fiber optic end fittings.

  • Contact details

    Address: Bones Electronics Co., Ltd
    Chongzhou Industrial
    mazowieckie, 61130, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 158-866329
  • Business hours

    Monday 8:00-17:00
    Tuesday 8:00-17:00
    Wednesday 8:00-17:00
    Thursday 8:00-17:00
    Friday 8:00-17:00
    Saturday closed
    Sunday closed

Contact persons

  • Anchor Lan

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